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In today’s working environment, many different cultural identities meet and interact daily. Leaving this cultural diversity alone can lead to frustration, miscommunication and mistrust between individuals within any international organisation. Individuals need to recognise and accept different modes of working together and be open to the challenge of finding the right approach that motivates people in different cultures, gets their buy-in and leads to results.

This workshop focuses on your intercultural competences: Intercultural Sensitivity; Intercultural Communication; Building Commitment; Managing Uncertainty.

Intercultural Readiness Check – IRC

We make use of a great feedback tool called the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). The IRC helps you to better understand how you currently approach intercultural interactions. What do you do well, what do you find challenging? This helps you in further strengthening the intercultural competences you need. Sure, learning dos and don’ts of cultures is great but not enough. The IRC provides you with a detailed competence-specific feedback report, including suggestions for follow-up.

What can you expect

This course is a great mix of  business communication skills, combined with essential cultural insights. After this training:

  • You will have enhanced your cultural awareness and recognised the significant effect that culture has on behaviour.
  • You will have strengthened your personal cross-cultural communication skills.
  • You will have deeper insight in your strengths and specific areas for improvement for effective cultural interaction and continue learning after the training.
  • Book ‘The Eight Great Beacons of Cultural Awareness, Navigating the Cultural Landscape’ (hard-copy)

For whom:

Anyone interested in strengthening cross-cultural communication business skills.

Duration: flexible and based on needs & budget

Methods of facilitation:

Short presentations, interactive exercises, plenary discussions and debriefings.

Language: this course can be facilitated in both Dutch and English, depending on the group.

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is one of the leading tools for assessing intercultural competences <

More than 45,000 people from all over the world have filled in the IRC in order to reflect on how they can improve their intercultural effectiveness.

The IRC assesses individuals on four vital intercultural competences:

  • Intercultural Sensitivity
    How actively are you interested in other people, their cultural backgrounds, needs and perspectives?
    How much do you notice when interacting with people from other cultures?
  • Intercultural Communication
    How mindful are you when communicating with others?
    How effectively do you adjust your style to meet their expectations and needs?
  • Building Commitment
    How much do you invest into developing relationships and diverse networks?
    How creative are you in developing solutions that satisfy the interests of different stakeholders?
  • Managing Uncertainty
    How well do you deal with the complexities of greater cultural diversity?
    How effectively do you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation?


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