Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Confucius

Are you called upon to facilitate training sessions for colleagues, or maybe you are a manager who needs to strengthen your team to face a new challenge, or an IT professional who helps staff develop the skills to use a new procedure. Or perhaps you are thinking of making a new career move into training.
Whether training is a big or small part of your professional life, this two-day Training theTrainer course will help you design and deliver effective training programmes. You will gain confidence in delivering a training session successfully with variety and acquire the skills to deal with the dynamics of group learning.

What you can expect 
My course is highly practical and will introduce you to essential models and insights about adult learning, facilitation skills and provide lots of opportunities to ‘have a go’ in a pleasant learning environment. The course is down-to-earth and fun, and well based in modern learning theory. Whether your training is about helping people develop new skills or knowledge or it is aimed at challenging their thinking, you will find that this course gives you the confidence to be an effective trainer.

After this training, you will be able to:

  • Define learning objectives
  • Choose appropriate interactive training methods
  • Design and facilitate participatory training sessions

The workshop includes the following topics:

  • creating a safe, productive learning environment
  • how to motivate and energise learners
  • designing training to suit different learning styles
  • establishing aims and objectives for training
  • developing session plans
  • interactive training methods, icebreakers and energisers
  • facilitation skills
  • handling difficult situations

For whom

Professionals involved in training programmes and workshops. This intensive two-day experience is specifically designed to give you the most effective skills and theory you need in order to make a lasting impact with your training. You are encouraged to bring your own material for the practical assignments.

Duration: flexible (based on needs and budget)

Methods of facilitation 

It is a practical training course filled with interactive exercises, discussion and lots of practice.

Language: this course can be facilitated in both Dutch and English, depending on the group.



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