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 A need for better communication 

Sometimes communication and collaboration within teams are not optimal. This can happen, of course. Conflicts, misunderstanding, resistance to change are a normal part of work, something we have to accept and we can mostly deal with by just talking about it in the coffee corner.

Having said that, if negative feelings and thoughts linger on, a sense of increased misunderstanding and lack of control can cause more unhappiness. In this case, escalation needs to be prevented. Negative feelings may start as something minor, yet if not given attention and care, this little fish may turn into a shark. I facilitate dialogue sessions that cover various themes of collaboration.

Culture impacts behaviours

Culture can have a lot of influence on work behaviour. Think, for instance, about how people perceive deadlines, say no, or give/receive feedback, use direct/indirect communication styles. Once people realize the impact of culture, there will be more understanding of one another. For international and multicultural teams, I facilitate thematic sessions on how culture impacts behaviours. 

Engage in dialogue

An important part of the dialogue team sessions that I facilitate is about strengthening your listening skills and being able to postpone your judgement. This is necessary to go to the next stage of having an open mindset and facilitating a deep dialogue in your team, based on principles from the deep democracy method.

All sessions are tailormade and can last from one to multiple days, with intervals, if preferred. They can be facilitated in English or Dutch.

Going green, body and soul

I facilitate these dialogue sessions on a location in a tranquil environment (either near the sea or in the woods), away from the hustle and bustle of work, allowing for people to unwind, reflect, and slow down. Only then can meaningful learning and transformative change take place. And of course, tasteful vegetarian meals and good coffee are served.

Facilitating a deep dialogue in your team

  • An approach based on principles from the deep democracy method
  • Strengthening your listening skills
  • Enabling you to postpone your judgement and have an open mindset


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